Perth / Beijing 2019

The track for this cycle is as follows (subject to change). Remember that all the below times are in the AWST & Beijing Time zones. Subtract 8 hours for the UK/Ireland time and 16 hours for the US West Coast (PST) time.

All sessions will be streamed via YouTube – no registration necessary!

April 27th, AWST/Beijing Time

09:00: Keynote – Completing the Cloud Journey

  • Speaker: Aidan Finn, MVP (Ireland)
  • Track: Keynote
  • Level: 200
  • Confirmed: Yes

A migration to The Cloud should be more than just moving some VMs to the cloud. Design patterns should change. How you run applications should change. How you store data should change. Security & governance should change … or even be introduced. In this keynote-style session, I will explain what “digital transformation” is, and how it can change your business.

10:00: Migrating your SQL Workloads to Azure (IaaS and PaaS)

  • Speaker: Ravi Yadav, MVP (Canada)
  • Track: Data
  • Level: 200
  • Confirmed: Yes

SQL Managed Instances bring “full” managed PaaS to Azure with unparalleled compatibility and ease of migration.

Come along to hear answers to common questions such as:
– Why do we need it?
– How does it work?
– What’s the difference between general and premium ?
– How fast is it?
– How much is it?
– How can I migrate to it?
– What about SSIS?

16:00: Azure Virtual Datacenter

  • Speaker: Joe Carlyle (Ireland)
  • Track: Infrastructure
  • Level 200
  • Confirmed: Yes

Understand the four components; network, security, management, and infrastructure, required to successfully implement an Azure VDC

12:00: Azure Secure DevOps Kit

  • Speaker: Eng Soon Cheah, MVP (Singapore)
  • Track: DevOps
  • Level: 100
  • Confirmed: Yes

The Secure DevOps Kit for Azure (AzSK) offers a set of scripts, tools, extensions, automations, etc. for dev ops teams which are using automation and are integrating security into native dev ops workflows.

12:00: Mission: Azure Kubernetes Service

  • Speaker: Carlos Mendible, MVP (Spain)
  • Track: Platform
  • Level: 200
  • Confirmed: Yes

A not so young developer, lives an adventure trying to discover features and prepare AKS so it is recognized as an enterprise ready service, “without” the help of his organization.

14:00: Lessons from the API Management trenches

  • Speaker: Eldert Grootenboer, MVP (Netherlands)
  • Track: Development
  • Level: 300
  • Confirmed: Yes

Azure API Management has a lot of functionality, but it’s not always clear when to use what. In this session we will go into setting up an API Management architecture, inspired by real life use cases. We will see how we can expose and protect our services, which policies help make our life easier, and how to handle our application lifecycle management.

15:00: Understanding The New Azure Role based Certifications

  • Speaker: Richard Hooper
  • Track: Other
  • Level: 100
  • Confirmed: Yes

In this session, I go over the New Azure Role Based certifications. The 3 different levels, the paths needed, who should take what, and I also share some learning resources I have found helpful.