Agenda 2019

Here you can find the schedule and speaker details for the Global Online Azure Bootcamp running on April 27th. Please note that not all speakers are confirmed yet and details are subject to change – we will share links to the session registrations once we have the materials from the presenters.

Thanks to the large number of session submissions this event has become the “(nearly) 24 hours of Azure” global bootcamp. Because of this, the schedule has been broken down into three cycles to suit a global audience. No matter where you are, we will have sessions in your time zone streaming from YouTube – no registration necessary! And don’t worry if you are a night-owl, you can watch any session in this bootcamp – if you are crazy, you can watch all of them!

The cycles are:

  • Perth / Beijing: AWST / Beijing Time which is +8 hours from GMT and +16 hours from PST.
  • Dublin / London: GMT, which is -8 hours from AWST / Beijing Time and +8 hours from PST.
  • Seattle / Los Angeles: PST, which is -16 hours from AWST / Beijing Time and -8 hours from GMT.

The speakers at this event are all unpaid volunteers that are mostly Microsoft Valuable Professionals (MVPs) but we added a few others to keep things interesting:

  • MVPs (18): These are people, recognised by the Microsoft product groups, to be experts in their chosen areas and are community contributors. They do not work for Microsoft, so what they share is their true opinion, not a sales & marketing effort.
  • MVP candidates (2): We have a few of these in the mix – it’s good to keep things fresh. They bring new ideas and rejuvinated effort, and are hoping that contributing to an event like this will help their effort to be recognised.
  • Microsoft employees (2): We have two of these on our books – they are good people, well-known community contributors, and the topics they submitted will be interesting to many.